If you are looking for places in Bratislava which will brighten up your feed, look no further! These are our top 7 Instagram spots in Bratislava:

– St. Martin’s Cathedral

– Blue Church

– Slavín

– Sad Janka Kráľa

– Starý Most

– Bratislava Castle

– Laurinská Street

First top 7 places in Bratislava, that are photo-worthy, are:

St. Martin’s Cathedral – a photo from Castle

Of course – Saint Martin’s Cathedral is the first one on our top 7 spots list. Asking why? You can take plenty of amazing pictures with this photo-friendly Cathedral. One of our favourite spots is a pic from Bratislava Castle. It is also a great place to start or end your day – the best things there are definitely sunrises and sunsets!

St. Martin’s Cathedral – a photo from city

You can have a little problem here with the tourists. Not only they will jump into your shots but also, they will be very annoying. Regardless of this, it is worthy to wait for a good picture.


Blue Church

Glorious church in the centre, known as the Blue Church, is also at high position on our list. It is one of the most beautiful sights in Bratislava – it’s both historical and photo-friendly – and as beautiful as it is, it’s attracting locals and tourists as well.

When we were there, many people went around and took some pics. You can find it on Bezručova street 2, not far from high school located on Grösslingova 18. You also should be prepared for not only people, but also cars ruining your shots.


The only soldier’s cemetery in Bratislava. It is a place where Soviet soldiers of Second World War are buried to rest. The place where history is written, invites locals, as well as foreigners to admire it. Regarding this, we hope that politicians now would want to learn from past mistakes… In the end, we all wish to live in a peaceful world, don’t we?

Tyršovo nábrežie & Sad Janka Kráľa

The park is an ideal place for relax. From this side of Danube, you can enjoy amazing view at Bratislava Castle or St. Martin’s Cathedral, but you can also chill out there. This green piece of Bratislava attracts everybody from families with kids, to couples or basically anyone who wants to enjoy some peace of mind in a busy centre of our capital.

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Toto je naša obľúbená fotka z Bratislavy – miesto, o ktorom tu nepíšeme.

Starý Most

This bridge, known as The Old Bridge, connects both slides of Danube and often, it’s a choice for spending some time. There is no wonder why! You can have a great walk above Danube, enjoy some fresh air and see some pretty spectacular views at Bratislava as well!

Bratislava Castle

Another fabulous place, which serves fantastic views at one part of Bratislava. This iconic piece is attractive not only for its unique architecture, but also for the peace, which you can find walking around castle’s gardens. We also have spent many Sundays here.

Laurinská Street
(and its surroundings)

Bratislava is full of secret little aisles and streets, in which you can easily escape from reality or magically get lost for a while. One of them is Laurinská street in the centre of the Old Town. Sometimes we head there for a coffee, we sit outside, enjoy the sun and we like to observe strangers walking around.

These are our first top 7 Instagram spots in Bratislava. Soon we gonna post an article with other tips of how to brighten your feed. What are your favorite spots in Bratislava or in your hometown?


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