Hello fellow Spooner! (that’s how they call their customers in Spoon, Henley on Thames)

Well, this post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning what happened to us while we visited Spoon for the first time which actually was last Sunday.

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We went out for lunch with my super sister and after all, we decided to go for a kafé too. We were walking through the street we usually walk and when we suddenly realised that there was a coffee shop we had never visited before. As we entered it, a friendly member of staff told us that they were only serving drinks because they would be closing in 5 minutes, but we could have a seat and enjoy the coffee. According to what we are used to in Slovakia, we decided to have a take away coffee so they could close asap. Although they were supposed to close in 5 minutes, the restaurant was not empty at all. It was full of people who were talking, drinking coffee and enjoying Sunday afternoon.

I have to point out that I was pleasantly surprised to what happened there. If I was in Slovakia and came to a restaurant which is supposed to close in minutes, I would be kicked out with no regret. The world here is just so ahead. But back to the main point of this post.

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Spoon. How could I not see you for the past two years? I couldn’t believe that the picturesque Henley does not have a real coffee shop! Glad to say that it does!

I love how creators of Spoon describes their coffee shop: … “we believe in two things: good quality coffee and delicious food.” That’s what you get if you visit them.

The coffee was one of the best one I have ever had! I enjoyed it a lot. Food is healthy and tasty, what more can you ask for! The price is as usual in this area. Our stay was very cosy and comfy and we stayed in for about 3 hours because we were hiding from the cold and rainy summer air. The real treat we got inside!

If you are looking for a relaxing and welcoming place, let’s visit Spoon! I think I am falling in love with this place and I am gonna visit it as much as possible while my stay in England. So, if you are in Henley on Thames, Spoon should be on your list.


See you soon, Spoon.


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