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Shaftesbury & Durdle Door, UK

Shaftesbury & Durdle Door, UK

When you accidentally end up at a beach… 🙂 🙂

So the plot…

We were about going to Stonehenge but the things have changed very rapidly. After a couple of minutes in a pretty long traffic two miles away from Stonehenge, we finally drove round the stones (yes, we saw them from the road). We were trying to find some place to park but when we entered the car park which was actually 3 miles away from the stones, we realised we had had no cash so we couldn’t pay the entrance fee. Martin turned the car and we decided to visit Salisbury because I wanted to see some old houses here. (yes, he wanted me to choose where to go)

When we came in, we couldn’t find any house so I rather googled it. Yup, i was wrong and the houses I wanted to see, they were situated in Shaftesbury which was about 45 minutes away. Whereas we finally had a full day for ourselves, we decided to go here. I felt so happy to walk through its Gold Hill. We only bought one hour carpark ticket and… whereas the sunshine was brilliant in the afternoon and Durdle door was just 50 minutes away, yes, we went there too.

Oh my God, i couldn’t have asked for a better man. I feel loved. I am blessed. Always remember to find someone, who puts your interests first.


My handsome man and some door… Durdle door.

See ya.


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