Hi guys!

First of all, a big thank you to everyone passing by!

We are Karina and Martin, a Slovak married couple on the run. Nowadays, both of us work for a corporate in Bratislava. That being said, we are blogging and travelling around the world while still having a full-time job in Slovakia. Honestly, it is very hard physically and mentally sometimes. However, both of us love it, so we always manage to cover both areas somehow.

We’ve been thinking about leaving our jobs for some time already but we had always founded excuses why it was worth to stay couple more months. After a couple trials, that has leaded us to ask for your help. We challenged our followers to get 2,000 likes on our photo and as soon as it would reached it, we would quit our jobs. Surprisingly, it has reached more then 3,000 likes during the evening… That being said, on the next day, on 16th September 2019, we quitted our jobs! As soon as our two months notice period ends, we plan to leave to Asia. Are you ready to follow our journey?

We have to admit that while saving the money for our wedding which was in June 2019, our travels have been limited. For a couple of months, we went almost nowhere, as we wanted our big day to be perfect. But no excuses, sorry.

So, let’s go back to who we are!

We are 23 years old friends, partners, lovers, photographers, travelers, adventurers, wanderers, explorers, coffee fans, and some more. We love conquering and discovering the world one short trip at a time. But, we are also thinking about a long-term trip in close future.

This blog was created to remain the others that dreaming is allowed at any age! It was created not only to inspire, but to help you plan your next trip. We also want to tell the world that travelling is perfect. It has given us a lot. While solo travel, both of us learnt a lot about ourselves, we made new friends from different countries. We enjoyed being us. We were happy to live and cherish present.  We’ve gained new perspective and new way of life maybe. We found freedom and learnt to trust our intuition. We stopped being xenophobic and we realized that home can be anywhere. Travelling certainly opens your eyes a lot more than any other activity you do… Travelling can show you things, if you open your eyes. Not only these, but these mostly are the reasons why we travel.

We hope to let our photos do the talking more than us, inspiring and motivating those who are about to set out on a journey across the world in pursuit of their dreams.

If you have questions about anything, you can always send us a DM on Instagram or email us and we will be happy to help!

Want to know more? Let’s explore with us.

Lots of love,

Karina Martin



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⚡️ WE DID IT ⚡️ . . • ENG BELOW • . Áno, dali sme výpoveď. Rozmýšľali sme nad tým niekoľko mesiacov, veľa sme sa o tom rozprávali a hľadali sme pre a proti. ⚡️ . čakali sme dovtedy, kým príde ten pravý čas… 🙈 ale ten nepríde nikdy. 🤷🏻‍♀️ ľudia sme takí, že vždy hľadáme prečo a načo a čo keby… 🤦🏻‍♀️ nie je tomu inak ani teraz, ale chceme to skúsiť… 😍 . chceme vidieť krásy sveta, ktoré stvoril Boh a chceme sa ním nechať viesť ❤️ . ešte máme pred sebou dva mesiace v práci, 🤯a potom pôjdeme žiť život. možno nebude taký, o akom snívame, možno bude lepší, možno horší, no je to jedno. ak v tom budeme spolu 🥰 … . čo najbláznivejšie ste vo svojom živote urobili vy? 💥 . …… 🇬🇧 We quit. We have been thinking about it for so long, for so many months, you guys cannot even imagine 🤣 we’ve been talking a lot, trying to find its pros and cons…🤔 . We have been waiting for “the right time.” 🤦🏻‍♀️ However, there never really is the right time. 🙈 if things are meant to be, they will find their way 🙏🏻 it would be too courageous to say that we are not afraid. of course, we are. 🤦🏻‍♀️ but!!! . life is too short to be asking ourselves why we never tried what we wanted to? 💥 it is too short to just survive. 🙏🏻and we wanna live fully. we wanna at least try to live the life of our dreams 💪🏻 we wanna see the beauty of God’s creation and we wanna be led by him 🥰 . Two more months in the office 🤯 before we say yes to adventures! 💥Maybe it won’t reach our expectations, maybe it will be far away better,… but if we do it together… none of this matters ❤️ . what are the craziest things you’ve done so far? 💥

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