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Why We Travel is lifestyle and travel blog which have been founded in 2017. During its irregular periodicity in the season from summer 2017 till summer 2019, it has gained a small community of constant readers.

Our passion for travel and our love for photography have leaded us to create Instagram, too. We’ve started using it as a platform where we represent ourselves, our work and passion for travels, during August 2018. Since that until today, from zero we’ve got more than 15.300 followers – but! all organically gained. Because of that we realized that this could be something why we are here for. The idea that people love our feed and read our blogposts has amplified our thoughts to travel and see the world. That being said, we cannot wait to start exploring soon. Please find enclosed our Media Kit below.

Our Analytics

Instagram @whywetravel_sk

Instagram @whywetravel_sk 21900+ followers
Impressions Weekly 150000 – 200000 views
Accounts Reached Weekly 20000 – 28000 views
Average Story Views 1300 – 1800 views

Instagram demographics

Periodicity 1 – 7 posts per week
Gender 61% women and 39% men
Age 18 – 24 years
Age (2nd) 25 – 34 years
City Location (1., 2., 3.) Bratislava, Praha, Košice
Country Location (1., 2., 3.) Slovakia, Czech Republic, US



8500+ fans
Monthly views 9100+ views

Why Work With Us

What can Karina & Martin do for you:
·         Social Media Marketing
·         Brand Partnership
·         Content Creation
·         Modelling
·         Product Placement On Our Social Media
·         Link Building
·         Destination Coverage (Press/Media Trips)
·         Sponsored Blog Content
·         Product & Hotel Reviews
Why work with Karina & Martin:
·         Quality
·         Inspiration
·         Flexibility
·         Strategy
·         Influence
·         Creative Teaching

This was our Media Kit in short. If you require further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.

Tell us about your idea on working with us:

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