“… Everything is free inside; except for the time you spend …”

And that’s exactly how it was.

To begin with, this pay as you go kafé is more than original! London’s coffee shop is situated in a flat. If you want to go in, you have to ring the bell and then you are buzzed in.

When you come upstairs, a very friendly girl asks you what was your name and shows you everything around. She tells you to feel home. And that’s exactly how you feel here.

Ziferblat is a puclic hipsta living room which offers unlimited coffee, tea, pastries, toasts, biscuits, good company around… and wifi. They also have board games, couches, instruments, and a record player.

As I said above, everything is free inside, expect for the time you spend… so, you pay 5p per minute, £3 per hour, and you have unlimited access to everything available. I thought I was dreaming when I heard the price. If you are around, I would highly recommend to visit and enjoy the concept of Ziferblat. I wish it could develop all around the world.

If trying new things is what you like, go and enjoy.  It’s well worth trying Ziferblat out if you r looking for a new place to relax, for a creative talk, for a cosy place to work, enjoy kafés, read books, or for whatever… 🙂


Just be hipster. And visit Ziferblat.

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